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The History of Being Human

Apr 17, 2021

Today I begin a pedantic journey into the tragicomic ways our perceptions and judgments are altered and distorted by our own cognitive processes -- goofy, heartbreaking, and humorous all at once, 

Index of topics included:

0:00    Intro

04:52   Anchoring Bias

08:59   Availability Heuristic

13:25   Backfire Effect

16:05   Barnum Effect

19:45   Belief Bias

23:06   Bystander Effect

27:22  Confirmation Bias and Belief Perseverance 

              Including Wm. Flinders-Petrie vs the Pyramidologists

33:56   Curse of Knowledge

35:10   Declinism aka Old Fartism 

36:49   Framing Effects

40:06   Fundamental Attribution Error (Salience of the Actor)

           Empty Boats


I will finish the topic in a few weeks, but in order to not bore you to death with this laundry list, I will interject a few historical vignettes between now and then.