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The History of Being Human

Sep 29, 2020

Today we embark down a very ignoble road and consider a few of the most dismal failures in history. 

We begin with a big one -- something that failed spectacularly, at a very high cost, creating misery and infamy in its wake: The People's Crusade of 1095-6!

Index of this episode, in case you want to skip to the juicy parts:

0:00      Intro: The Three Poisons

5:20     Why and When the Crusades? Intro to Crusading, Pilgrims; The Houses of Abbas, Fatimids, and Seljuks; Pope Urban II and Alexius I Komnenos.

25:57     The Council of Clermont and Urban's Call to Arms

30:31     Peter the Hermit Inflames the Yokels

33:48     What was the People's Crusade?

34:20     Walter sans Avoir Sets Off for Glory

37:32     The Vicious Little Count and His Holy Goose Crusaders

46:15      Peter the Hermit Storms Anatolia

56:09     Cost:Benefit Analysis of the People's Crusade, or What Does it Take to Be One of the Dumbest Things in History?