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The History of Being Human

Sep 8, 2020

Today we discuss the mystery of 3Q15 -- also known as the Copper Scroll. One of the most mysterious, and potentially valuable finds, in archeology.  An enigmatic and totally unique document, scratched onto copper, that hints at the locations of over 2 billion USD worth of hidden treasure, left in a cave almost 2000 years ago.

Who wrote the copper scroll?

Is the treasure real?

If so, whose treasure was it?

And why, after decades of searching, has none of the treasure been found?

Since we can't definitively answer any of those questions, we will detour into the history of the Essenes, the commune and caves at Qumran, the finding and controversies around the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the defeat and subsequent victory of the Romans in the first Jewish War.  


Graphic Artwork by Ian Armstrong

Music Icy Vindur by A. Himitsu