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The History of Being Human

Apr 25, 2021

Conclusion (at last) of a three-part episode on the ways our perceptions and processing distort reality.  For the stalwart (and patient) seekers of knowledge only.

0:00  Groupthink

6:13   Halo Effect

10:41  Just World Fallacy

17:21  Negativity Bias

22:16  Optimism and Pessimism Bias

27:19   Reactance

31:44  Self-Serving...

Apr 17, 2021

Today I begin a pedantic journey into the tragicomic ways our perceptions and judgments are altered and distorted by our own cognitive processes -- goofy, heartbreaking, and humorous all at once, 

Index of topics included:

0:00    Intro

04:52   Anchoring Bias

08:59   Availability Heuristic

13:25   Backfire Effect

16:05 ...

Apr 4, 2021

In which we continue to Dumbest things in history series by looking at some of the glitches in us that make them possible.  And also that they are not the result of our lizard brain, because we don't have one.

In this episode, we cover conspiracy thinking and theories and the  apophenia that makes them possible,...