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The History of Being Human

Nov 26, 2019

It is one of the most infamous acts of butchery in history. Parisian Catholics vs Protestants at the height of the Reformation. People were going to die.  A lot of people.

In this episode you will hear the background, the intrigues, the animosities personal and religious, the kings and queens and dukes and admirals, the...

Nov 6, 2019

This episode continues our excursion into the manifestations of mob behavior by covering some of the deadliest, most out-of-control, seething, frothing, infuriated hordes and outraged masses in history.

Sports Hooliganism on a grand and deadly scale (as in 30,000 people massacred during the Nika riots), anti-Vaccination...

Oct 1, 2019

National Humanities Medal Award Winner, Author, Revolutionary, Historian Professor Teofilo Ruiz explains how the witch persecutions began, what they consisted of, why they stopped, and what it means for humanity.

A fascinating, broad and deep discussion with a brilliant and distinguished historical researcher and...

Sep 17, 2019

IMPORTANT CORRECTION!! Near the end of the episode I commit a gaffe and state that there is no "Satan" in the Old Testament, which is obviously false. As per our interview with Dr. Price, there IS a Satan in the Old Testament, most fully developed in the book of Job.  What I meant to say is that there is no DEVIL in the...

Schedule announcement!

Aug 14, 2019

Know Thyself History will be taking a brief break and returning in September. The next several weeks I will be traveling, but I will get back to work as soon as I return.