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The History of Being Human

Oct 28, 2018

Dissolute, drunken, perverted and depraved. A man who went on "violence binges" every time he got wasted, which was all the time; and whose actions were considered beyond the pale by almost all other Nazis.

Meet the 4th Worst Homo sapiens sapiens of all time, a man you might not have ever heard of, but who you will now...

Oct 17, 2018

This festering bubo in the armpit of humanity was the "medical director" of the infamous Japanese Unit 731. 

In pursuit of the deadliest possible biological warfare agent, and with a hearty dose of sheer sadistic curiosity, he performed his experiments in the spirit of true egalitarianism: on prisoners of war; on...

Oct 11, 2018

Meet the one-man plague, the skull-stacker, the maker of incendiary camels, a man whose coffin curse is worse than any mummy because it actually panned out.

In the annals of history, there have been very few people who accomplished what this man did. Too bad this genius was also an all-around dismal excuse for a human...

Oct 2, 2018

We take a well-earned break from the worst people in history to speak about the factors that influence what is best in us.

Dr. Paul Zak is a renowned and prolific public intellectual, author, corporate advisor, and researcher. His groundbreaking work on the role of oxytocin in sociality has been profoundly and broadly...